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Productivity Hack (4)

Work Less

Building on the previous hack, this one takes working early to a greater level.
My finest days come when I get to the workplace early, and begin my work day in the peaceful early morning hours, before the phones begin calling and the workplace comes down into turmoil.
It is so peaceful, and I can work without interruption or losing focus. I frequently discover that I get 3 or perhaps four MITs done prior to anybody can be found in, and after that the remainder of the day is dealing with whatever turns up.
However you can ramp it up if you leave work early so you’re “at work” less hours.
I do not indicate to move your 8-hour day to 7 a.m.-4 p.m. … that by itself would work well, but I’m suggesting you take it even further: actually work seven hours, or six … and even 5.
I know: you might not have the ability to take this option, depending on your job. You might be surprised. Many bosses are not fretted a lot about the number of hours you work; they’re more thinking about the quantity that you produce.
So consider a strategy, write a proposition, and speak to your manager. The worst that can take place is he/she will say no. You have no reason if you work for yourself.
Why does this hack work? If you commit to working only 6 hours a day, and leaving by 3 p.m., you have a much tighter deadline. You have no time to waste surfing the internet or playing solitaire or speaking to your colleagues or sitting in long conferences.
You should crank out the work, and get whatever done, so you can leave the office on time. On the days when I leave early, and know that I have to leave the office early, I am laser-focused. I’m an efficiency maker.
Inspiration idea for this hack: set a daily consultation, so that you’ll make sure to get out of the workplace on time. This could be a gym date with a workout buddy, picking up your kids, or something you need to do with your loved one.
Whatever it is, be sure that you will not miss it, and leave the office in time to be there.
It’s paradoxical, but if you work fewer hours, and understand that your time is limited, you will be more focused and a lot more productive.

Log Your Time

This hack is for the already productive individual who wishes to take it to an even greater level. Utilize a time log to discover how you’re currently investing your time. Simply tape the time whenever you start or stop any activity.
This takes discipline, but you can do it. Use a pad of paper or a computer system spreadsheet, whatever works finest for you. At the end of the day, give each time/activity portion a name or classification.
Next, determine what percentage of your time is being invested in each activity. What does your log tell you?
Are you examining email a lot? Facebooking for hours? Tweeting excessive? Taking a look at youtube videos? Just how much time are you in fact working? Scary, isn’t it !?
Now find out how efficient you are. The amount of time you invest in real work, divided by the overall amount of time you remain in the workplace, is called your Effectiveness Ratio.
Here’s how it looks as a mathematics formula:
Effectiveness Ratio = (Time Doing “Real Work”)/ (Time Spent “At Work”).
If you’re investing 9 hours at the office and just getting 3 hours of work done, your performance ratio is just 33%!
Now let’s see if we can increase that to 50%, or even more. If your time log shows your efficiency ratio to be on the low side, the important things to do, as in the hack above, is to reduce the time that you’re “at work.”.
Try cutting from 9 to 6 hours. Yes, that’s right: cut your hours way back! You might be astonished that you’ll still get 3 hours of work done! If you do, you’re now at 50% efficiency!
Cut your day to 5 or perhaps 4 hours, and you might see 80% effectiveness.
It’s simple to be ineffective when you have all the time in the world. You will normally find a way to get your work done when you have tight time constraints.
As you get utilized to greater efficiency, gradually increase the variety of hours you spend “at work.” You might be impressed to discover that you can maintain a 60% and even 80% performance ratio even as you get back to 35, 40, or perhaps 50 hours of work time per week.
The secret is to do it gradually, and to keep that time log as you go. Cut your hours back again until it comes back up to where you want it if you find your efficiency slipping.
Time logging is a high utilize activity that takes very little effort and time to implement, but the long-term payoff is remarkable.


RescueTime is a time logging software that can automate the previous hack. It works best for professionals who invest most if not all of their day on the computer, so it’s not for everyone.
If you use it, you will rapidly discover how much time you lose being non-productive. Then you can “rescue” a portion of that time and put it to much better use.
Set up the app on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer, and your Android tablet and phone. There’s no iOS app as of this writing.
RescueTime works in the background, silently logging all the time you spend on different programs and websites.
Set objectives for work and play, then see how well you do versus your ideals. At the end of the day you can take a look at the information, and know exactly just how much time you spent operating in Excel, and how much time you invested playing Angry Birds.
RescueTime likewise has an idle timer. The program can notice when you’re away from your computer, and records that time individually.
Recent improvements can proactively motivate much better habits, or even require you to be more productive! Produce a reminder to alert you that you have actually been on Facebook for thirty minutes.
If you want to play hardball, set it to really block a website after you have actually spent, state, 60 minutes on it.
Download it today at


Declutter your office so you can work on something at a time. This eliminates all the extra interruptions on your desk and on your computer. If you have actually got a tidy, simplified workspace, you can much better focus on the job at hand.
Here’s how to do it:.
Collect all documents on your desk (including any scraps, post-its, phone messages, etc), put them in your inbox, and procedure through them quickly.
If you have actually got folders or stacks of paper on or around your desk, procedure them and put them away as in step 1– noting them on your jobs or actions lists, and submitting them out of sight.
Get rid of distracting knick-knacks, posters, images, and so on. A couple of images of your household is fine, however if you’ve got a great deal of other stuff, it’s most likely sidetracking.
Clear your computer system desktop of icons. Submit or trash them, then turn off desktop icons so you’ve now got a clutter-free desktop. Close unneeded windows on the computer (especially solitaire or minesweeper or whatever your present distracter is). Now pick a nice, serene desktop image (and utilizing an image of a publication model doesn’t qualify as serene).
Ahhh. A peaceful workplace. I likewise suggest using headphones if you have a problem with the ambient sound in your workplace, or individuals coming by too much.
Now, with interruptions lessened, focus on the job at hand. Don’t inspect e-mail, do not work on 5 tasks at the same time, do not inspect the stats on your blog site, do not go to your feed reader. Work on that one task, and work on it with concentrated focus up until you are done. Commemorate your accomplishment!
Removing interruptions from your workspace so you can actually focus on one task at a time will significantly increase your efficiency.