PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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  • Jun 26, 2020

This is a nice recipe. I have made this several times for the family and for other events. I now do a double mix (separately) for chicken and beef using all the same ingredients. For the noodles, I don’t get picky down to using Ramen with (2) packs cooked and (1) crushed to add a little crunch to the mix. Not sure about the ‘canned shiitakes’, I can only say, fresh produce is the way to go. For the chicken, simple as picking up a rotisserie cooked ready to go at your local grocery store, strip the skin, meat and dice up (And you can skip the step for cooking the meat but, I do still add the marinade, oil and let rest for awhile in the fridge while prepping the other items.). For the beef, I purchase (1) pound of thin sliced sirloin and dice up per the recipe, the marinade and cooking is the same. You can figure at least two heads of lettuce per recipe and double that if you do both chicken and beef. A tip for doing it the first time, clean up and put up as you go due to once you start cooking, it’s fast paced and you’re done.

My layout for cooking the double mix:

Chicken or beef in a bowl for each with marinade sitting in fridge
Cooking sauce for each meat in a separate bowl
Garlic in a separate bowl for each
Ginger and Green Onions in a bowl for each
Shiitake, Bamboo Shoots, Water Chestnuts in a bowl for each

You can have your dish ready with the noodles, cook each meat per recipe, clean out the wok and do it one more time.

I don’t get picky on the condiments. I serve low sodium soy sauce plain and for a little more heat, I dice up a habanero and mix with the soy sauce.

Have fun!

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