How to Cook Appetizing Chinese Spicy Beef Stew

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  • Jul 03, 2020
, How to Cook Appetizing Chinese Spicy Beef Stew

Chinese Spicy Beef Stew. Sichuan has more beef dishes than most other Chinese provinces, and their spicy beef stew is considered to be comfort food. Beef stew is considered to be a comfort food where everyone has their own secret blend of spices. The following recipe contains all of the necessary basic ingredients.

, How to Cook Appetizing Chinese Spicy Beef Stew

They cooked by the traditional way. What an unequal battle 😀 The stew port ramen came with an extrem smooth pork flavour and the spicy beef burned the sh*t out of me. This Chinese beef stew is an easy make-ahead recipe that requires little prep and you'll have delicious dinners for the next couple of days. You can have Chinese Spicy Beef Stew using 16 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Chinese Spicy Beef Stew

  1. It’s 2 of rib eye steaks (about 2 lbs).
  2. You need 1/2 of of Daikon, chopped.
  3. It’s 1 of medium carrot, chopped.
  4. Prepare 10 of cherry tomatoes, cut into half.
  5. Prepare 2 of green onion, cut into pieces.
  6. It’s 1 slice of ginger.
  7. You need 2 of hot pepper.
  8. It’s 1 of aniseed.
  9. It’s 1 of cinnamon stick.
  10. You need 1 of bay leaf.
  11. Prepare of ~~ Seasoning ~~.
  12. You need 1 Tbsp of Chinese bean sauce.
  13. Prepare 3 Tbsp of soy sauce.
  14. It’s 1 Tbsp of maple syrup.
  15. It’s 1 Tbsp of rice wine.
  16. You need 1 tsp of salt.

Back in China, fattier stews are more popular. My mom usually uses a very fatty cut of beef brisket without trimming the fat from it. Chinese Spiced Beef And Potato StewRed House Spice. In my recipe of spicy beef noodle soup, the beef cubes are simmered in a well spiced liquid.

Chinese Spicy Beef Stew instructions

  1. Brown both sides of the steaks, about 3 minutes each side. Then rest on a plate for 3 minutes before cutting into cubes and trim off extra fat. Meanwhile, prepare other ingredients..
  2. .
  3. Add a little bit veg. oil in the same pot then saute green onions, ginger, hot peppers, aniseed, and cinnamon stick..
  4. Add cubed steaks and stir fry with all the seasoning. Then add water just over the steaks..
  5. Add chopped Daikon, carrots, and bay leaf bring to boil. Turn to low heat. Cover with a lid (partially covered) and continue cooking for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, move the pot away from the heat. Then cover the lid completely for 20 minutes. Enjoy~~.

Firstly, minced garlic and Sichuan chilli bean paste are briefly The last step is to add more spices and herb to the simmering soup. Bay leaf, star-anise, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and fennel seeds are. Bo Kho is a spicy and flavorful Vietnamese beef stew that makes for a pretty epic bowl of noodle soup when you've maybe had your fill of pho or are looking for something a little different. My favorite place to eat it is in the middle of New Jersey in the cafeteria of a Chinese grocery. The Sichuan Spicy Beef Stew (aka Sichuan Spicy Red-Cooked Beef) is the ultimate treat for beef eaters and spicy food lovers like me.

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